14 години

концерт на звездите на "Пайнер" - концерт на звездите на "Пайнер" с Дани Милев бенд - част 4

14 години Планета ТВ

концерт на звездите на Пайнер - еп. 4, концерт на звездите на Пайнер. В ролите: Дани Милев бенд

17 мига

концерт-спектакъл на звездите на "Пайнер" от зала "Арена Армеец

6 дъщери

Пространство за петзначките - еп. 2. Петзначките Бъзби вече са големи момичета и всичко се променя. Даниел и Адам трябва да се справят с настроенията, хаоса, магията и пет пъти по-голямата бъркотия! AL .

90 дни до сватбата

Заживяха ли щастливо?: Това е само началото - Заживяха ли щастливои - еп. 16. След 90-те дни животът продължава. Младоженците си припомнят пристигането си с виза за годеници и осъзнават, че сега животът им не е никак по-лек. AL .


Did you know that you can create pictures not only with paints? Plasticine, sand, flour, and even... shaving cream - all of these can be used to create masterpieces of children s art.


Take care of the environment - find out how to make different handicrafts from materials that you would normally throw away.

English In Focus

The project "English in Focus" is aimed at specifying the shades of meaning and usage peculiarities of various confusing lexical units and grammar constructions.


English Up is an exciting educational programme for those who want to learn more about Great Britain and keep their English up.


Unusual facts about usual things


Figures of Speech is a programme for those who wants to learn English idioms. Each episode reveals the places of interest through the world.


Combine education with leisure, and learn English with the help of movies. You will get to learn some fun trivia about each specific movie, and test your language skills in a more informal manner.


X - Find solutions for everyday problems by using the best and newest gadgets, and practise your English, learn names of different devices, their main features and applications.

Here There

Ep 81

Jack Of All Trades

Do you know what to say to a dentist? Or how to explain a hairdresser what hairstyle you want? Our new programme will help you communicate with people of different professions easily. Jack of All Trades, here, on Engliish Club TV